Walnut Grove Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

General Information

Goats need to have shelter from the rain and snow.  Most goats do not like to be rained on.  They need to be wormed, and kept up to date on vacinations.  Their hooves need to be trimmed on a regular basis.  Depending on the pasture that they are on depends on how often they will have to be done.  If you have big rocks that they can climb on, it will help wear their hooves down.

They need good quality hay, and grain.  But be careful and do not over feed them because they can bloat.  And bloat is very fatal, if not caught soon.  Goats need minerals.  Dont feed them minerals that is marked for goats and sheep because it will not have the copper in it, that goats need.  Only feed minerals that are labeled for goats.

Goats do not like to be alone, that need other goats.  They will cry alot if kept alone.  Goats should be kept seperate from the bucks.  If you allow them to run together the buck will keep breeding them as soon as they have their babies, and sometimes will try breeding them when they are getting close to the end of their pregnacy.  This is not good for the does.  And possibly get bred at to young of a age if allow to run with buck, and this could cause bad complications for the doe. 

Does are given bose shots and CD&T shots four weeks before kidding, I also do bose shots before I breed the doe.  This is in no way telling anyone how to do things, this is just the way I do them.  I also bose my bucks before breeding.  Also watch and be alert to worms.  You can check eyelids and gums for worms, if they are pink to dark pink then they are good, if they are white looking, then you should take a sample into the vet to find out what kinds of worms they have.


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