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All babies are bottle fed, they usually can leave as soon as they are disbudded and tattooed, and taking the bottle well.  I will sometimes dam raise babies, but this year they have all been bottle fed.  I dont  sell bucklings  from a first freshener.  Goats are herd animals and do not like to be alone, so its always good to by two at a time are have other livestock it can be with at its new home. 

I do my best to raise happy and healthy goats, they have their shots, and dewormings, and hooves trimmed.  They will be disbudded, and tattooed.   Will also come with registration papers are an application for registration.   

All Nigerian Dwarfs will be registered or registrable with  ADGA.  I will not take deposits on kids not born.  I will put you on a waiting list and as soon as a baby from the breeding you want is born then I will contact you.  I will give you 48 hours to respond if I dont hear anything then I will move on to the next person on my list. If you do decide you want the baby then a deposit will need to be put down.  Deposit will be $50 for bucks, $100 for does. All deposits are nonrefundable.  I will take checks for deposits, are paypal, but on pickup are drop-off cash only are paypal. When deposit is made arrangements will be made for pick-up, if not picked up by agreed upon date then they go back to ownership of my farm.   I have the right to retain any goats born in my herd.     All goats healthy when they leave my farm, I have no control over the enviroment  are stress that is caused from them leaving here. I do not take goats back at this time.  Once they leave here I dont like to bring them back onto my farm.

Willing to ship out of the Cincinnati, Ohio airport. Buyer would be responsible for paying for health certificate, crate and all shipping charges prior to being shipped.  You can purchase crate and ship to my house or send the money to me and I can do it.  Depending on what the vet charges it might be anywhere between $40-$60 for health certificate and if any other tests that has to be performed to ship to your state TB or any other will be buyers responsibility to. 

All animals have come from CAE clean herds.  Was tested in Aug. 2009 and where negative. Retested in Oct. 2010 again Negative results.

Was tested again Oct. 2013 for CAE and CL and all had negative test results.

Prices for Registerable Nigerian Dwarfs:

Does- $250 up to $500

Bucks- $200 up to $400

Wethers- $100


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